Elizabethan House – Gt Yarmouth – 27th October 2018


Elizabethan house report – 27th October 2018

Emma Read

As always the Elizabethan house in Great Yarmouth never fails to impress us, as soon as we walked in there were taps and bangs around the house, it was a cold and rainy night outside and at one point we had hail stones hammering down on the house, the house is always welcoming in the light and we had a wander round the house while we set up, as soon as the lights are turned off it takes on a whole new persona and it was time to look for ghosts.

Our team decided to start downstairs in the main room we wanted to build up the energy and we were working on this when there was a load crash in the hallway, I ran out to check but no one was there and nothing had fallen that I could see, I went back into the main room with the team and it was getting notable colder, Keith was feeling some sensations and we were starting to get some tap and bangs in the room, so we decided to move into the kitchen area. Liam laid on the table and immediately felt like the table was moving under him, he dressed in the maids outfit to try to build up the energy, three of us went up the back staircase and when we reached the top we immediately heard knocking, we started to ask questions and we received knocking in response to our questions, we also heard a sound like someone saying hello, it was a female voice and it sounds quite young but it was just the once so we decided to take a break.

After the break we went upstairs, we went into the bedroom first, it has a four poster bed and a full length mirror, with plenty of dark corners and a cupboard which is the known location where the spy sat and listened to the meeting next door in the conspiracy room. Once the team has settled we started to hear knocking sounds around the room, Keith also soda he felt very unsettled sitting in the corner of the room, Jamie who was standing the other side of the bed said he felt that there was someone standing next to him, at this point the rest of the team looked over and they could see a shadow in the corner behind him, he was also feeling uneasy, we tried some mirror scrying and although we could see minor facial changes, we didn’t really get anything else so decided to move to the nursery.

In the nursery we started by just looking around, there was a passage leading into the next room so Tasha and myself went through the passageway to take a look at the next room, there was a display case with a staged setting and a mannequin, this room then led to the long gallery. As we came back from exploring myself and Tasha stopped in the doorway of the nursery, another team member asked us who was standing behind us, I turned and in the corner of my eye a shadow moved away from us, we followed but it disappeared, all team members were accounted for so this was unexplained.

We then sat round the children’s work table, we were all sitting silently and not moving and suddenly a spinning top came out from under the table, now we tried to investigate this and we found no reasonable explanation for it as no ones feet were near the underneath of the table so it couldn’t have been the team and no one remembers the top being on the floor, then as we were looking into this I saw the dolls house door open behind Jamie, it was defiantly wedged shut when we came in and I saw it open, no one was near it and when we turned on the torches you could see the light fitting inside the dolls house swinging backwards and forwards, as no one was moving around at the time we could not debunk this. While in the nursery we also got the name Dan on the ovilus and we tried to get more information but it went quiet at this point so we took a break.

We then moved back to the ground floor front room, we sat in a circle with the chairs and we started calling out, we got a lot of knocking responses and at one point the huge glass cabinet behind Keith rattled really loudly, we tried various tests to get it to do it again as it was a very heavy wood but we could not get it to do it agin.

We then went to the kitchen to try the Ouija board, we got some responses almost immediately and it spelt out the name Dan again, we started to ask question directed at Dan, we got the following responses, Dan was a child’s who used to spend time at the house but did not live there, he also didn’t die at the house, the answered then became very random and we asked if it was still Dan, at this point the answered were clearly not coming from a child, we decided to call it a day and said a closing prayer.

It was a great night at the Elizabethan and hopefully we will go back there in the future.

Emily Ball

Group Craig, Jack, Matt, Lisa, Cheryl, Carla, Stacey and guests Suzanne & Tracey…

Well it’s always an experience at The Elizabethan House:

It started a little quiet at first so we went up to the conspiracy room, We got some names on the spirit box and then We then circled & joined hands to build energy.

Something was felt moving around the room, Cheryl felt a woman behind her & she stood very close to her then the room went darker near Lisa, Cheryl & Matt.

We then moved to the bedroom….

Jack felt something blow or moan near him, so he moved to the other of room near window, Stacey, Craig, Cheryl, myself, Carla and Tracey were this side.

I said to Suzanne, did she want to stand where jack was, Lisa was near door and Matt was near her.

Carla went in to the secret cupboard, she felt uncomfortable in there & heard tapping, she came out, & Tracey the guest went in, Suzanne had moved by this point & was near us, Cheryl & myself heard a noise near where Jack & Suzanne were, at that point Stacey saw a woman in a bonnet standing there.

In the same time Lisa felt she had the same lady from the conspiracy room behind her, & she kept popping in and out just observing us.

After a break we went to the kitchen, we heard tapping on chairs, Carla and Tracey both had a lay on the table & both felt uncomfortable and felt the table move, like a rocking motion, but very slight.

We all put our fingers on table , but only felt it move at the top & bottom end of the table, Lisa also felt had someone standing behind her.

We went to the conference room & had more voices on spirit box, we went in this room a couple times through the night.

It was a man & woman’s voice coming through on the box, it was like they were listening to our conversation and joining in with what we were saying….

We asked questions & got names and someone said coalition.

The second time we went in, someone had said on the box it’s just after 2, Craig checked his clock & it was 2.05am.

After a while the clocks went back a woman through the box said something had happened to the clock, Craig checked his watch again it was just after 1, the clocks had changed.

We also heard tapping & cold spots.

We also went to the to the children’s playroom, we played some nursery rhymes and Suzanne who was fine all night kept laughing, We laughed at some of the songs we found, but Suzanne was completely in fits of laughter at anything, then when we left she was fine.