Endcliffe Hall – 3rd February 2018


Endcliffe Hall Investigation – 3rd February 2018


We arrived at the hall and immediately our chaperone took us for a tour, the house was a lot larger than we first thought and it was made up from a maze of passageways, staircases and doors, it was easy to get lost and the basement had passageways going off in all directions including one passageway that was blocked that used to be the way the servants got into the house.

The first thing we saw as we entered the house was the staircase going down both sides on the hall, the ballroom with its huge domes created by the same person who created the dome in the titanic, the folding doors that covered the ballroom doors for the more intimate events the house owner used to hold which he liked to keep secret.

The original master of the house used to have two wives, one who he kept locked in a locked set of rooms towards the back of the hose with limited space and a few small rooms and a second wife who was the lady of the house.

The house is now owned by the ministry of defence and although they have adapted some of the rooms for their own use they have left the fixtures and tried to maintain the original history on the house as much as they can, its has been used as a field hospital among many other things and its history is dark and deep.


We started in one group and we went to the top of the stairs and up to the landing at the top of the main stairs case. We called out and immediately a dark feeling was felt on the left side of the landing, we heard various tapping sounds and other noises.

Then the team split and 4 team members went off to the confined wifes quarters which were made up of four rooms, 1 team member went into each room and all the while they were calling out there was knocking and banging within the room, the only male team member on this group decided he would leave and stand outside the rooms to see if he was upsetting anyone that might be with us, at this point each of the female members in the rooms felt someone brush against their knees and then one saw a shadow follow the male team member out of the door.

This group then moved onto the officers mess which was the second wife’s bedroom and began calling out using the stickman software, the groups sat at the tables and a cold column of air was felt moving around the room and stopped in-between two members of the team in front of a chair, for a few seconds a figure appeared on the chair between the team members and then disappeared.

After a break the group went to the basement and went in the room with the bricked up passageway, one team member immediately felt a hand on her back and a few minutes later on her head, there was none near her and no explanation could be found. They then moved to the main long walkway and spilt up down the corridor, went the lights went out it was pitch dark, almost immediately something was heard being thrown down the corridor, a small plastic stone (pictured) was found on the floor, it wasn’t here before the lights went off and it was completely out of place for the building, no explanation was found.


The team then moved to the Churchill room, we set out the table and called out, there were various tapping the one team member felt someone shushing in her ear, at this point she left the room.


Vikki O’Neill – Paranormal Investigator

Whilst in the ball room, first of all we were playing war music and out of the corner of my eye in my peripheral vision I saw a figure, male, very tall wearing white trousers but I couldn’t make out his face or what he was wearing on top. He was there for about 3 minutes and was walking towards me and Emily. When I described it to the group Emily said it was the figure she saw earlier on in the Churchill room. After that we moved into a tighter circle and felt freezing cold and it got darker. We felt as though we were being circled by more than one presence. They were coming closer and moving away. Matt felt a hand rested on his shoulder and he said it was there for a while. At the same time, myself and Emily also felt something behind us. Then Matt saw a black shape move across the room from where the war paining was to where the camera was set up. This was also seen by a member of the public at a different time.


Emily Ball – Paranormal Investigator

Well Endcliffe was an amazing place… can’t for next trip.

After looking around, we all had our jobs to do, another team member and myself were on our way to set up stickman in the mess room, the other team member stopped me as she wanted to take photo of mirror in hallway which had mirror on opposite wall, while I was standing waiting, I just happened to turn and look down hall towards the Churchill room, that’s when I saw a full apparition of a man walking in the Churchill room past the door, by this point I was tapping the other team member saying I had seen someone in that room, she said Matt is standing there it’s him. I didn’t know Matt was taking photos at that point but he was outside the room standing in a corner, this man was inside the room, He was tall with thin ish physic, I could make out face but he was wearing white trousers.

Later in the night In my group we heard tapping and bangs, through the spirit box we heard voices, a name called Stuart, we were told to leave when we were in barracks area of the building, the public women went with the other group and myself, Vikki both Matts, Rob and public man went to ballroom, we heard taps and bangs in room, we had all then spread out on chairs, myself and Vikki sat next to each other, then we started to play some war time music and myself and Vikki swayed side to side with the music, then Vikki said she had someone next to her, it stayed there for a while then she said it’s getting closer, it felt like he was leering at her, due to Vikki being pregnant and not wanting anything to happen with her I asked the boys if we could group up. Vikki started to describe the man and we realised she had seen what I had seen. Once composed we started to play the music again, the area we were sitting turned to ice, we all were shivering, to describe it, it was like a small breeze going around us and in our semi-circle we were in, we came to the assumption that people could’ve been dancing to the music, The other group then joined us, and they too felt the Icey effect as soon music stopped the temperature changed.


Craig Jones – Head Investigator

So as I first got there I went to the loo, Rob was also in there as we were both washing out hands it sounded like the toilet seat slammed down. We looked at both but they were up. Which is strange as toilet seats don’t fall upwards.

As we were all sitting around the stairs myself and matt say half way on the stare way and keep hearing noises coming from the Winston Churchill’s room. So we went it and tried glass work and spirit box. Not much came through the spirit but and the glass was trying to move slightly but there was very little response other than that. There was a lot of banging from around and on the floor above. The door was also banged when the other team was far away in the house. We could hear loud footsteps from about us. So myself and Kyle (public member) went to take a look to see if anyone was above us. We looked in the rooms above us and no one was in there. We ended up at the back of the mess room which sounded like it could be the only floor upstairs that would make that sound as the rest was carpeted. We looked around more and come across the other team the other end of the building to ask if they had moved which they said they hadn’t.

Myself and both Matts went into the basement we tried the spirit box and had a few voices come through. But it wasn’t clear enough to hear what it said. My group then went up to the second wife’s room where she was locked away. The team and public spread out but we didn’t pick up on anything.

We then went down to the soldier’s doom rooms. The first room we went into was very quiet. So we went into the back bedroom by the bathroom. Everyone experienced a smell of wee, which didn’t last long. Then I was asking it to make noises from where it is and there is tapping and knocking from the outside of the corridor. One of the public members felt movement on the bed she sat on and asked if the others had moved which they said they didn’t. I said if you want us to leave you need to make a loud noise to, from the bathroom was a large bang straight away. I then turned the spirit box on and there was a male voice come through straight away saying ‘leave’. I then asked if it likes us being there and it said ‘go’. A woman’s voice then come through which was unclear on what she said. We asked her to come and join us and repeat what she said and there were no more voices from her.

As they team was walking back to the other side of the house we walked through the room of the second wife who was locked in, myself and Kyle was the last to go through. As we were about to walk out of the room towards the door the mop that was there all night fell onto the floor behind us. No one was near it or touched it.

My group then tried the room next to the mess which was very quiet and we had no activity. So we went into the mess. We sat in front of the stick man and asked if they could join us. Nothing else was picked up on the stick man but the group while we were in there. There was a couple of tapping noises on the table towards the corner of the room.

The woman then went back up to the soldier’s rooms as a public member thought that they may get more response from just woman. They experienced a lot of K2 spikes which we didn’t have throughout the night.

While the woman went up to the rooms the rest of us went into the ball room. We spread out all around the hall. I was sat by the fire door which earlier opened by itself earlier on in the night. As we were asking out questions the door made a large bang behind me. There was no one at the door or the other side as it was a fire exit that went into a corridor to leave the building. We then started playing old war music and Victorian ball room music. Vikki then saw a large man it a white suit in her peripheral vision. Every time she looked at it straight on it was gone then looking in her peripheral vision again it was getting closer. Kyle then see a white shape from the left-hand side of the hall which moved. The team then all come together and sat in a circle leaving a chair empty and asked if it could join us. We continued playing old music and suddenly there was a temperature drop which felt like something was circling us all getting closer and closer made everyone on the team extremely cold. Matt V then see a figure ahead of him move across the back room. The temperature kept continuing to drop as it felt like we were being circled. Matt V then felt something grab him on the shoulder. The other group then joined us and sat around in the circle still leaving a chair empty and another chair the other side of the room with a K2 meter on top of it. We continued playing music and the temperature continued dropping and felt like something was circling us. A few people felt like they were being touched. One team member was asking out asking if different people were there and as she asked if there was a nurse there, there was a very loud bang from the other side of the room. The team then all stood around and continued playing music, some of the team was dancing to build up some energy. After we said thank you for the night and did they enjoy us being there. The K2 meter then shot up which didn’t go off at all in the room. It was then time to pack away.

We do thank our public guests who got involved and got stuck in throughout the night. We hope to see you again soon on future investigations.