Matlock Bath – The Grand Pavilion – 2nd February 2019



Matlock Bath – The Grand Pavilion – 2nd February 2019

Investigation Report


Well the Grand Pavilion in Matlock Bath certainly didn’t disappoint, it was a huge building and stood out from the rest of the street which if you have seen the road that the Grand is situated on you would know why this is an amazing feat in itself.

It is situated next to the famous pond which is filled with Carp swimming about in naturally heated spring water, which was tepid to the hand (I know, I tested it) which is a contrast to the 0 degree temperature which causing the pond to steam into the night.

Across the road in the pubs court yard there is a waterfall and more carp swimming in the steaming spring water, all of this is surrounded by beautiful buildings that seem to be built into the hills topped with the entrance to caves.

At the back of the building there was the huge river which although it was hard to see, you could clearly see the shine on the inky black water.

We were literally surrounded by water which may explain why the night ahead proved to be a very interesting one and bearing in mind it was dark when we arrived we could see that we would be returning in the future to sample more of Matlock Baths history and beautiful surrounds, including a vowed trip to the Caves.

Our Group started the night in the stairwell leading to the cellars, we started by standing on different levels on the stairs winding up the levels, we called out, the first thing we noticed was that the noise was there was a fair bit of noise distortion from the cars on the road outside although as it was later in the night it was intermittent, we asked for responses in the form of knocks and we managed to get a few responses in answer to our questions, there was a feeling that something was there but we couldn’t quite pinpoint what so after about half any hour of timid knocking from the stair well we decided to leave the basement and go up to the top of the building into the dome.

After we had navigate the ladder/stairs we found ourselves in the dome, it was freezing up there and when we looked out the windows you could just see past the outside ledge into the streets below.

We started by linking hands in an energy circle, almost at once Keith felt what he could only describe a s a feeling on his back, he couldn’t describe what it was other than something was happening to his back, he asked to swap places with me to see if I could feel anything, almost instantly I felt a strange sensation and found myself tipping forward, before I could do anything I suddenly felt faint and as I said this, for a moment everything went black, the next thing I knew I was on my knees with everyone around me, after a few minutes I felt fine and stood up but I have no idea what happened and what caused it other than I didn’t feel it again all night.

Once we had all recovered we went onto the humane pendulum, we used different directions to determine yes, no answers, through this we made contact with a man who seemed to be looking for a child, we also got some responses that indicated that someone had died in the dome, there were conflicting answers that indicated suicide and someone falling off the building, after that it all went quiet and we went for a break.

Then we went to the theatre we started by playing wartime music and dancing in main hall to build up the energy, at this point shadows were seen, particularly in one corner, so we all stood still to make sure it wasn’t us but when we stood still the shadows carried on.

We Then moved to the stage, saw a dark shadow in the solders guard box prop, it was very clear and at first I thought it was another team member until I realised everyone was in front of me, I looked back at the shadow and it slowly faded before my eyes so I could see the painting at the back of the prop, I was so absorbed in the phenomenon I forgot to call out so so one else saw this.While we were on stage we saw more shadows in far right corner, and a mist moving which disappeared when we turned on the lights.

We then went in the back dressing room, there was a large mirror in there and we set up the laser lights, after a few minutes the lights became distorted and seemed to be moving, we couldn’t find any reason for this and after a while it stopped, we then tried srying with the large dressing room mirror, as we began the session April’s face was clearly changing, at first it didn’t make any sense then suddenly I could clearly see a child on Apryls face, it looked like a girl with a chubby face.

We then went  back to main hall, as we settled a cat’s-eye ball started going off, as we started calling out using the balls to answer yes and no, we managed to make contact with a child and that is was a girl, she answered to the age 4 and indicated she was lonely, as we asked about her parents it went quiet, we discussed that it might be another family member like a grandfather or uncle but we didn’t ask her, it turned out later that we should have tried to continue on this point as there was more to the story.

We then for a break, we spoke to Tanya who validated that there is someone on the stage and that there is a little girl who’s is seen and they believe she was part of the stables that were on the site before the grand, it is also believed that she is with an older gentleman who may have been her grandfather.

After a break we went to the ballet room, we had some some taps and noises and one of the balls and moved slightly on its own, but other than that it was quiet, we tried the conference room but not much happened so we decided to pack up.


The evening was very eventful which started when we investigated in the dome following our initial investigation on the stairs to the cellar. Whilst in the dome I was touched twice on my right shoulder and after a discussion I swapped places with Emma who very quickly felt faint had fell to the floor on her knees.

A number of people also undertook the human pendulum experience which also yielded interesting results. After a short break we set up in the theatre room which had a large stage and associated equipment.

Here whilst standing on the stage we saw a number of shadows at the right stage exit we saw shadows moving in the far right of the room looking out from the stage we also saw a mist in that area.

There was other happenings evidenced such as the laser light beams being crossed and emf meters activating.

For me the other impressive fact was that the guys that worked there confirmed all that we had described and said there was so much more that happens, i so look forward to our return


The Grand Pavilion , The place was huge! It was awesome to investigate a massive theatre! We got some intelligent responses with the cat balls lighting up. The k2’s never went off once from what I saw though, it all seemed fairly subtle.

Craig and I dressed up as fairies at one point in the evening which seemed to kick up a little bit of a response as we started hearing more thuds and vocals. When I took the dress up off I heard a dragging noise like someone had dragged their foot shortly followed by a groan, it came from behind me whilst everyone else in my group was in front of me.

For me, The Grand Pavilion wasn’t extremely active however the subtle activities that occurred were quite cool and I would definitely return one day given the chance!


Matlock Bath Pavilion
Wow what an amazing place…
The whole group had a general look around before we started, toured by the lady who worked there….(not sure of name) also Phil (medium guy).
We looked in studio room, ballet room and all around theatre and dressing area, then told where basement area was……
We were also shown the dome at the top of building.
Most people went up, but myself Stacey & Joy remained down with owner, Phil was down stairs in long hall way.
Our little group was chatting at the bottom of ladder.
As I was chatting with Joy (who was just standing outside of room facing me)I saw a man in black walk behind her from up the stairs, I took a look, but no one was there & the only room there had debris, so no one could access it.
Once everyone was down from dome I asked Phil had he come up at all to take photos… he said he remained in hallway taking photos…
Once everyone had arrived we set off in our groups.

My group Craig,Matt,Jack,Lisa,Cheryl,Carla,Stacey Ben & Sammie…
We went to theatre first.
We went to back stage first, we all sensed someone standing at the end of corridor, also heard light foot steps above us on the stage.
We made our way to this area, it was quiet but it was still early, we played war time music and danced, Craig & Carla took a look in the stairs where we went back stage, they saw a man standing there but was reluctant to come forward, Matt & this man made each other jump…(Matt had told me) most of us saw movement of some kind near the DJ area…
Matt saw a lady on stage crying….

2nd time at theatre later in the night.

We all went back stage, we were laughing about poor Ben, as we kept calling him Tim, every time we laughed the cat play balls kept going off…we still all sensed someone at the end of corridor again….
We did mirror work….Carla opted for this one with Matts help…
Her features changed to old and young, we found out it was the caretaker, but he did not want to chat with us….
Back in the main theatre we heard footsteps but not much else. Craig, Matt & Jack stayed on a bit longer, but rest of us left…

We went to the dome & Phil came with us, we had a few hits with his spirit box, lots of voices…lots of chatter so couldn’t distinguish anything specific….cat balls went off a few times, Carla felt sick & dizzy, but nothing else.

We then headed to basement area Phil with us again….
Right at the bottom Phil asked if the girls could stand at top of stairs, Carla, Cheryl, Lisa & myself did this….as soon as we got there we sensed a man in the corner just looking at us, Carla felt that he was leering, then he got close, so we ran back down to the boys….
Stacey went back up with the other girls….
The man we think followed us down, he kept stroking Stacey’a arm…we asked questions but had no response….

We then headed to the ballet room….
We all joined in a circle (we didn’t use any equipment)
Phil asked out to come and play…I was holding hands with Matt & Craig/ Phil holding Stacey’s, she had Ben’s….
Matt & Phil started to channel which we think was a child… Matt & Phil’s arms/hands started to move, I held Matt’s hand very lightly as didn’t want to break circle, poor Phil & Matt were moving and bending around, it was amazing to watch and be part of the movement….
They ended by heading towards the door, but Jack stopped them from going as we were all holding hands still (Phil said the child showed him how he died, the child drowned)
We all had a great night….