Revesby Abbey – 29th September 2018


Revesby Abbey – 28th September 2018 – The Worlds Greatest Ghost Hunt


Wow what an eventful night, this was our 3rd visit to the amazing Revesby Abbey. We got there at 7pm and we were just getting into the twilight hour, as always the Abbey stood out proudly on the skyline, and for those of the team that hadn’t been there before the awe was clear in their faces, for those that had been to the abbey before it was very clear that the restoration of this beautiful building was progressing and in the areas that nature had started to take over, they had now been cleared and more of the building was to be seen, most of the branches had been removed from the roof and the overgrown walls were now visible, the restoration of the stables had also moved on and we were told that the family that owned the Abbey had now been allowed to move in.

Walking past the coal sheds it was clear to see that some of the sheds were now clear and we were able to access them, whereas before they had been filled with rubble and empty gin bottles from the days when Revesby was open to party’s and the days of Lady Beryl who its told was known to have a regular tipple from time to time, indeed this was the reason she spent 6 months in bed after standing to close to the fire and accidently pouring gin down herself, this resulted in her losing her footing and tipping forward into the fire leading to 1st degree burns, this was one among many tragedy’s she suffered in her life, she also suffered a serious house riding accident, the loss of her husband and unborn child on the same day and it is believe also a car accident to name just a few.

Inside the building’s basement many more rooms had been cleared and the floor was now flat and clear of unfinished floors, some of the rooms that had previously been full of rubble but were now cleared, exposing a boiler room and other areas where we had only been able to look in the door before.

Although the upper floors are still not yet accessible, we were able to catch a glimpse of things to come whilst wandering around the garden, as twilight turned into night we were able to find some windows on the ground floor that didn’t have covers on and we could see the flooring was nearly all down, the ceilings seemed to have maintained their original fittings and were stunning, In places you could see some of the furniture and pictures that are being placed around the rooms, the work that has been put into the abbey to restore it to its original state is outstanding and each year we have seen the progression, from being able to see from the basement through to the attic where the floors have caved in, to the flooring being restored and the original features preserved, I honestly can’t wait until we return in the future and hopefully be able to at least see the upper levels fully restored.

Personal Team accounts.

Emma Read.

After taking a tour of the grounds and basement to see all of the recent renovations we then decided to begin the night by going from room to room in a large group to build up the energy, we started in the butlers pantry, seated in a circle and Cheryl began the night by calling out, we asked if anyone was there and if they could let us know, almost instantly we heard something being thrown down the corridor next to us and whatever it was quite heavy and went a fair distance, I immediately checked to see if anyone was there but as we were the only people in the building I already knew the answer to that, we stayed in the room for some time, a couple of people saw shadows in one of the doorways leading to the under butlers bedroom at the same time, others felt a presence going round the room,. While this was happening I felt a freezing cold draft wrap around my legs and felt a gentle tug on the bottom of my shirt, I then stood in a doorway for a few minutes leading to a silver safe I believe and as I was looking around I was startled by a web like feeling wrapping itself around my face, I immediately checked to see if I had walked into a spiders web but there was nothing there, in fact the whole room had recently been swept and was clean so I was unable to debunk this. Whilst in this room we also heard what sounded like a conversation going on just outside the room but there was no one there.

We then moved to the room near the still room and women workroom, this was filled with more kitchen stoves and objects in the room that have recently been used as a film set. We placed trigger objects (sensitive light up balls) on the rocking chair and table and began to build up the energy, again we saw shadows in the outside corridor and we found no reasonable explanation for these. At one point we placed the trigger objects one on the floor and the other on the table, as we were chatting we noticed that the ball on the table was flashing, we tested to see if anyone had rocked the tables or there was a lose floorboard that might cause the ball to be set off but we couldn’t set the ball off in any of our tests, so we started to ask questions, we weren’t able to get yes, no answers but every time we asked a questions the ball would begin to flash as if it was being used to acknowledge us.

While in this room some of us could also see light coming through the floorboards upstairs that looked like they were moving as the light would be blocked out as if someone was walking past, again we were unable to check this out but we did know that no one was upstairs as this was a locked off area.

We then took a break. After the break we broke up into a smaller group, our group was Sandra, Helen, Tanya, Sarah and myself, we decided to return to the butler’s pantry again, while in there we thought we saw shadows going across the rooms, we also saw flashes of light swapping from one window to another constantly, we thought this might be a camera flash or torches but we have since found out there was no one out there at the time, we ruled out car headlights as we were a long way from the road, and there was no storm so we were unable to figures out what caused it (we have since found out there may have been someone outside taking pictures so this is no longer valid as we can’t prove either way).

We then moved to the wine cellars, this is a small room with a heavy metal door with two smaller rooms leading off it. In this room we were using the Ovilus, we instantly got the word witch on it (nothing too remarkable but see the next room in regards to this) we continued to question in the room including if they were trying to tell us there was a witch in the room (there was) but nothing more came up. We continued with a silent vigil at this point I felt someone touch the top of my head and almost play with my hair, just after this Tanya felt the same thing, this continued on and off for a while to the point where we moved from that side of the room and asked Sandra to stand there to see if it happened to her,  nothing happened to her but after a couple of minutes Tanya’s and my hair was being messed with again, and we both became very cold, this continued for a short while until we decided to move on.

We then moved to another room the housekeepers room, as we walked into the room the Ovilus immediately displayed the word witch again and then hang and evil, we had previously been talking about witches and hanging etc. as we were walking to the room, Sandra had also mentioned a ring she had that was supposed to be evil, it was then we noticed the word ring was on the screen, it was like the Ovilus was listening to us, but of course that is impossible.

As we were sitting in the room, we again began to feel very cold, I was sitting on a chair about a foot away from the wall, I knew there was a cable hanging about a foot away from my head which at no point did I move near to, but as I was sitting there I felt the cable not only touch my head but actually move across my head, at this point I turned on my torch and the cable was still a foot away from me but it was swinging in backwards and forwards well away from me, at this point the Ovilus displayed the word cable, we were all discussing this when the words, desk and stab, then Sarah leant back on the table behind her and realised there was a knife behind her on the table which none of us had noticed before, was the Ovilus interpreting the table as a desk or was it just a random word, we have no idea but if it was a coincidence it was an amazing one, so was the fact that as I walked out of the door to this room the Ovilus then said goodbye, at which point we all said goodbye and left the room.

I would like to point out that although I was using the Ovilus all night it only registered words at these two points in the night which in itself added to the mystery.

We then returned to the servant’s room (base room) with the idea that we would change some of the equipment and load up the Stickman to see what we could find.

We went back to the butlers pantry, we decided to all sit one side of the room and face the door to the under butlers bedroom where we had previously seen shadows in the room and doorway. Almost instantly a figure appeared on one of the chairs, it appeared to be a very large figure and its was slumped in the chair and very still, we asked if it was asleep or drunk but it seemed unresponsive and still, we just watched for a while but it didn’t seem to move, we then noticed a little circle above one of the other chairs this was there a while then suddenly a small figure appeared on the chair, this one seemed to climb up and down the chair and wouldn’t sit still, I asked it to move to another chair and after a few attempts it managed to do this, this continued for a while and suddenly another small figure appeared and it looked like they were actually swapping from one chair to another, we also had another figure who seemed to be having a problem to appear and it was almost flashing. The small figure then disappeared and we went back to the large figure that still wasn’t moving very much, Sandra decided to go and sit next to it and she tried to get it to reach out to her, nothing happened but then she reached out to try and touch it and the figure suddenly moved and looked like it put its head in her hands, almost like it wanted to be comforted. Sandra then tried to pat the figure on the head but it abruptly moved away from her, so she reached out again towards the head palm up and again the figure seemed to put its head in her hand, this carried on for a while and then it disappeared.

As we continued through the night we continued to see shadows, hear people talking in rooms that were empty, hear dragging noises both above us and in the corridors around us and sometimes very clear footsteps walking down the passageways.

All in all we had a very active night some of which I am still trying to fathom, I have never had such accurate responses from the Ovilus and have always been a little sceptical of it as I am with the stickman on occasion but we seemed to get some very distinctive accurate responses from both which leaves me wondering..

Craig Jones

As it was The World’s Largest Ghost Hunt we started off walking around the Abbey to see what the signal was like for the live feeds. As there was no signal within the building Myself and Matt went outside where we started hearing footsteps around us and what sounded like rocks being thrown.

At the time all other investigators were inside the building. The Rem cube that was further up also went off while we was doing a live video. (The Rem cube did not go off for the rest of the night). We also heard what sounded like a man and a woman talking from behind us, we thought it might have been other investigators that had come out of the building so we checked to see if anyone had come out but everyone else was still inside. We then headed in to get some equipment and some more investigators. We headed back out to the same area where we continued to hear the same footsteps around us.

Ron the spirit photographer then went around the front of the building to take some photos. He quickly come back spooked after he heard someone behind him and when he looked no one was there. Investigators went with him to the area to investigate it, while myself Matt and Lisa stayed where we were. While all three of us were in the area we could see a two dark figures keep peering out one from around the corner at the top and another from in a door way by the main building. We also continued to hear footsteps around us. We also all keep getting a reoccurring smell of horses and a burning smell. Later on Ron was able to capture a picture in that area of what looks like horses running up towards the Abbey.

When the team come back from the front of the Abbey they were saying about an amazing picture Ron took of what appears to look like 2 figures cuddling or dancing by front of the porch. This photo was taken and instantly showed up where everyone was amazed. (Picture on our page). The photo is amazing and shows true love in spirit form.

Matt and I then went with Ron to the front porch to get some pictures in the front area. We stood on the steps and asked if spirit could join us, at first there was a light anomaly in front of myself. We then asked if it can come in between us. The few photos taken after that showed up a white shape around us which appears to be changing shape. We thought it may have been a smudge but there was nothing on the lens. It also felt very static and Matt picked up on a woman. All of a sudden the static feeling went and the white shape the photos no longer showed up. (Photos on the page).

We then went into the building and investigated some areas of the building where we didn’t get much response from any of our equipment apart from one room where Cheryl was touched on the arm 3 times. Matt and I went to collect some equipment and as we passed a room I saw a tall dark figure which I firstly thought it was another team member from the other group but as I looked properly it was gone and there was no one in the room. As I first spotted this Matt also spotted this at the last second in the corner of his eye. We went into the room but it seemed quiet, so we continued to collect the equipment. We then went into the kitchen area and no equipment went off and it seemed very quiet.

A few of us then went back outside and continued to try and communicate with the male figure that kept appearing around the corner of a wall. He continued to look around the wall but did not come down towards us. We all still continued to hear footsteps around us. We tried to use the retro Ghost box and we had a few voices come through but most of them were hard to work out what it was saying. This was also recorded with a live feed on the page. At the end of the night some of the team tried to communicate with a spirit board. The planchette on the spirit board did not move and we were unable to communicate using the board. It was then the end of the night so we packed away and headed off home.

The Abbey is an amazing place with a lot of activity going on. I look forward to going back again in the future.

Thank you to Maria and the World’s Largest Ghost hunt organisers for allowing us to take part in the big day!

So these photos were captured during our investigation at Revesby Abbey for the Worlds Largest Ghost Hunt!! These were taken by spirit photographer Ron Bowers.

The first photo was taken inside the Abbey in a room where the servants quarters were. At the time there was no investigators there and there is a dark shadow which looks like a person.

The second photo was taken out the front of the Abbey it looks like two people cuddling. This is truly heart warming and shows love in spirit form.


The third photo is the same photo with a different filter over it.

The fourth photo is the walk way up to the Abbey where we did all the live feeds as you can see there is nothing in the photo that can manipulate the shape of the fifth photo.

The fifth photo was taken just after it looks like two white horses on the left hand side and a white light above it. This was after Myself and Matt pick up on horse and carriages. We feel that the light above the horses may be a light from a carriage. Me, Matt and Lisa also picked up on a recurring smell of horses and hay.

The rest are Myself and Matt out the front porch of the building. We asked the spirits if they would like to have some photos taken with us and we tried to bring them in. As you can see it manifest firstly around Myself. Then we was asking for it to come in between us, it was moving around us and getting bigger.

When you have photos like this after an investigation it makes it all worth it!

Helen Bentley

Here is my account of Saturday night: Our first experience was in what looked like the old kitchen, a short while after call outs, we heard something in the corridor that sounded like something might have been thrown but there was no one out in the corridor. A lot of people felt very cold round their knees but not much else happened there.

In the other room that was a kitchen with the rocking chair, we saw through the floor boards above a light that may have been the moon shining through but as you kept looking at it, it would go off as if something was blocking it. There seemed to be no pattern but several of us saw it.

Emma, myself, Tanya, Sandra and Sarah went into one room on our own and walking to the room Sandra was telling us about a devil ring that had been passed down through her family, We used a word box that gave us random words and some of the words also said ring and evil. It also said knife, desk and stab and then we noticed on a table there was a knife! Emma was sitting quite a distance from the wall and hanging down beside her was a cable. At one point Emma felt the cable brush her head, even though she wasn’t close enough for that to happen, then when we looked at the word box it said “cable”. It also said goodbye to us as we walked out of the room.

The same 5 of us went back to the original room with the stick men… soon as Emma turned it on there was a “person” sitting on the chair opposite us. After a short while two smaller people appeared on chairs next to it. Emma asked them to swap chairs which they did. At one point Sandra went and sat next to the adult one and we got her to put her hand out to it and touch its head. It kept pushing its head in the direction of Sandra’s hand as it wanted to be comforted. The two smaller figures kept trying to re appear. We tried using this in other rooms but nothing happened. Another room we went in a couple of people including Emma felt as it something was touching the tops of their heads,

Lisa Darby

Sitting at the start of the evening, with the whole team in the butlers pantry, trying to build up the energy, I saw a really tall dark figure moving back and forth from the entrance to the kitchen to the under butlers door, this happened 2 or 3 times before it moved quite quickly behind other team members and out through another door. I was discussing this later with Stacey, she had seen the same thing.

Later on in the night Craig, Matt and myself were outside on the pathway that leads to the entrance we were using, we could hear footsteps and stones being thrown, there was also a dark figure of a person popping in and out at the top of the path, but wouldn’t come down even when asked. We also kept getting the smell of hay and stables wafting past, which was interesting as Ron had captured a great picture on his camera of what looked like some horses with a carriage. We also saw a smaller dark figure darting about at the bottom of the path it seemed to be coming in and out of a wood shed.

Sandra Ballard

The group I was in had a few different experiences. One of the rooms we went in, we all felt there was a presence- we used an Ovilus machine to attempt communication and it discussed witches and hanging. Two members of the group felt something touch their hair and this continued in the next room we went to, as well as the mention again of witches. In the next room, it also came through on the ghost box about a knife and desk. Sure enough there was a knife on a desk/table top in the room. It was in this room that one of the team felt a movement on her head, which was a cable (that was hanging nearby) touching her head: on examination this cable would have, had to be manually moved to enable it to reach and at that point the Ovilus spelt out cable. As we left this room, the Ovilus spelt out ‘goodbye’. Later on whilst looking through photographs from this room, a dark, male looking shadow had been captured. Lastly we went with the video/stickman to detect spirits in the butler pantry. We had been here previously in the night, where we had all felt a presence and there had been flashing of lights as though there was an electrical storm, and far too strong for a film flash (this has since been debunked). This time with the help of the video equipment we were able to at one point identify 3 spirits: one adult and two children. One of the team asked the spirits to change chairs that they were sat on and the smaller one (child) did this several times on request. I then went and sat between the spirits and held my hand out and on camera it appeared as the spirit rested their head in my hand as though seeking comfort. I could feel my hand go cold.

Also within the night in the housekeeper’s room, members of the team had put some balls down that needed to be moved to light up. Without anyone touching them they lit up and I also saw the EVP monitor wobble as though being moved. The team were checking if their movement from the creaking floorboards were causing the movement in the balls but this did not appear to be the case and the monitor would have been difficult to move this way. Also in this room flashing lights from the ceiling were seen.

Revesby Hall is an intriguing place to visit and I would recommend those that are interested in the paranormal to visit.

Carla Walker

I managed to take a video in the housekeeper’s pantry with the balls going off. Also I was with Matt looking up the track at the side and saw a shadow dart across from one side to the other very quickly we also had things thrown at us and heard movement at the top of the track. Also there was a group of us at the front of the house and Steve saw a figure dart across the lawn in front of us and several other people saw shadows all around. It was an amazing place. The video will be uploaded to the webpage.

Emily Ball

Well Revesby Abbey, what an amazing building!!!!

We all met up in carpark and set off with the equipment…. We had a base room in the old servants hall, myself & Carla had gone for a look around before we started the investigation, we generally do this on all investigations too get a feel for the place, We came back to the servants hall where everyone was chatting & getting ready at this point myself & Carla heard a deep moan coming from inside the room, I took a look, There was only a few people in there, but they didn’t make the noise.

As a group we set off to the butler’s pantry near the servant’s hall to build the energy. Whilst in there I saw a large black figure/outline of only could have been a man near the under butlers room, the figure was broad & taller than the door frame, at first I thought it was a shadow, but Lisa & Stacey saw the same thing.

We then made our way to the housekeepers room at the back of the building, there was movement in the room next to this room, so I turned to see what it was, then Steve’s light up balls went off on the table, we weren’t sure if this was triggered my our movement or something else so we tried moving around to trigger them and nothing happened, then when chatting between ourselves they went off again!!!! Very strange, but the when the balls started to flash again, Tanya said she saw my EMF meter move also, this was interesting as no one was near it to move.

A small group ventured outside as Craig & Matt were experiencing things out there, as we went I saw something walk past the door in coffee area as heading out, Carla witnessed this also, & again later in the night, it wasn’t any of the team as they were accounted for, Once outside we stood at the end of path before coming in/going out so to speak, I saw a tall slim figure walk at the top of area that lead to the way out, it was so clear, Stacey & Carla saw this also, we also heard movement & things being thrown, we then all saw a man/boy not sure keep popping it’s head around corner watching us, this happened all through the night….

Ron was at the front of the building near the cars taking photos, then he came running back very scared, saying something was up there with him & came out of bushes, wooded area near cars. So myself Stacey, Carla ,Ron, Paul, Cheryl Steve, Rob, Apryl and Sam went back up with him to take a look around, No one was around, but he showed us an amazing image he took near the main stairs at the entrance of the house, so I said why don’t we all sit on steps and see what happens & Ron can take photos, Whilst on the steps huddled we heard knocking on the main door, I heard a baby cry & Ron got some nice images of things where we were all sitting.

We then decided to walk around building, Steve jumped and said he saw someone running past the building at far end were we came in with the cars, myself and Cheryl then looked to our left in the woodland & saw a figure duck out of the way, After that scary moment we all went back in to warm up……

The night was coming to an end so Carla, Sam & myself went with Craig & Matt to do last feed before going home.