Rougham Control Tower – 2nd March 2019



Rougham Control Tower – Report – 2nd March 2019

Craig Jones

Matt and I started off in the middle bunker. We did a ghost box session. We started to get some voices through but they were unclear what was being said. We then both hearing footsteps around us and then in we heard voices from in the room. So we turned the ghost but off and stood in silence. We both kept hearing voices around us and noises form around the bunker. The static did build up around us. Matt said “bloody hell” I asked what was up and he said “nothing”. We continued to stand in silence then the next Minuit my right eye felt like it was burning and felt very sore. I said to Matt what it felt like then he told me that the reason he said bloody hell a few minuets before was because he picked up on a man on fire.

We both picked up on the sense that there was a really young man going in and out of the bunker where we was. We popped in the bunker net door and the team in there said they were experiencing similar things and felt like it was going in and out. 

We then joined a different team and spent some time in the base room. On the ghost box we had some voice come through. When we asked where we are we had a reply saying “Air base” we also have a voice come through saying “Evening Craig”. No other devices went off. We kept hearing what sounded like a banging/scraping noise coming from another room. So when we checked it out we discovered a wire and bit of pipe on the roof scraping and banging by the wind. So we debunked these sounds. 

We then went up to the tower to join a different team and Steve was using his Voice box through the App. There were many voices that come through. We also had cat balls going off. 

We went back to the bunker but it seemed quiet, No voice’s come through the ghost or spirit box but we had the cat balls going off a few times. 

We all went to the downstairs of the tower and kept hearing noises from outside and a door slamming. I thought that it was the other team until I was told that the other team had already left and it was only who was in the room left. So it was very strange. We couldn’t get anything else to happen apart from the noises outside of the room. 

At the end of the night Myself, Matt, Emma and Sammie went round to lock up. We locked the tower then as we looked up a light had come on in the top of the tower. All of the lights were out when we locked it. So we unlocked it and myself and Matt went up to turn the lights off. As we were in the room at the top of the tower there was two very loud banging noises in the room. Unfortunately it was the end of the night so we had to continue to lock up and leave. 

Overall it was a good night and i would like to go back as i feel that a lot more could happen then what we experienced.

Emma Read

Roughham is an airfield Near Bury St Edmunds, on the way there we seemed to be driving into perfect ghost hunting weather with Matt commenting on the storm clouds and that a big storm was coming. As we arrived at the airfield it was apparent that the weather reports and matt were correct and the wind was howling across the airfield to the small set of building that were our shelter for the night.

We entered the café building which has a side room with an old flight simulator in and various old radio sets, then though a small hall with some communication equipment including a Morse code key on the desk, the café was large with many displays which kept us busy for ages reading them.

Clint then showed us round starting with the control tower itself, this is a two floor building that has only fairly recently be restored from the house it was converted into, when it was no longer required as a control tower. It was hard to picture it as a house as the transformation back to a control tower is almost complete so we could imagine that even as a house it charm was that it still retaining the control tower layout, there are 2 floors we were allowed to use, the ground floor was made up of mainly small rooms with many artefacts in including item that had been dug up around the area, bottles, toothpaste containers that kind of thing.

Upstairs we found a room full of uniforms of many types, the next room was the main control room where there were windows all round one side, this room was also in the middle of being refurbished but the outline was still there with many old artefacts. There was also the balcony and the observation deck on top but for health and safety reasons we were not allowed up there.

We then went out into the wind to see the Nissan hunts, although there are 3 huts there, only 2 were open for use, the first one contained many pieces of planes that had been dug up around England and were in various states of restoration, propellers, engines and many other examples of planes that had crashed during the war.

The second Nissan hut was a collection of many other types of history, children’s toy, a washing machine and vintage bikes among many other things.

The Investigation.

Before we began Sarah and myself set up some trigger objects in one of the control towers lower rooms, this included some motion detector cameras and some old coins.

There were no set groups for the night so a small group of us started in the control tower, we started on the room downstairs where apart from some knocking which could have been the wind outside it was fairly quiet, however when we went upstairs this seemed to change, we started by using staves new spirit box, we also placed balls around the room and we had the SLS camera, we started by calling out, and building up the energy, we received a name “peter” through the spirit box, this came up several times in the night, one of the groups names was Peter, we tried to get more information but the words we received were very varied, we then got the name William, this was also interesting as the name has been noted on previous investigations so this was a validation for us. Then while we were all over one side of the room something fell with a large bang off one of the display cabinets, on further investigation it was a power bank, now one had been near the cabinet and there was no logical reason why it had fallen off but we can’t be 100% sure it was knocked earlier in the evening so we have left it as unexplained. At this point we decided to take a break but left the spirit box and a recorder in the room.

After the break I stayed in the base room with Craig and Matt, Craig has explained what happened there so I won’t repeat it, but the overall evidence was good with the word airbase coming through which was very accurate, then debunking the sounds on the building.

Sarah and myself went off to do some independent filming of the bunkers and when we returned to the base room we found another group were there investigating, they were hearing some footsteps and were also hearing the noise on what seemed to be the ceiling, I then went outside with Keith and we shock the wire to show that it was making the noise they were hearing on the ceiling, this did not however explain the clear footsteps we had heard.

Later on we went back to the first Nissan hunt, at this point we had Peter and Mell with their SLS camera almost instantly Peter was picking up a small figure next to the bike, we requested that it move towards me which it did for a moment then moved back, the figure was small and childlike and seems very wary, this lasted for a few minutes then it disappeared, we also got a figure that was apparently on the ceiling, this figure stayed longer but we didn’t seem to be able to make any kind of contact with it.

We then went back to the downstairs in the tower, we could hear a lot of loud noises and could also hear a door slamming, Craig thought it was another team until I told him that they had left and that we were the only people left on site which left the sounds unexplained.

As Craig was locking up with Sam, Matt and Myself we went to the tower, and noticed the upstairs light was back on, this was strange as I had turned it off when we left the tower so there was no explanation for this, as Craig and Matt went upstairs there was two very loud banging noises in the room, unfortunately it was the end of the night so we were unable to investigate this further.

Emily Ball

Rougham control tower Group Me, Lisa, Stacey, Carla, Cheryl, Jack & Sam….. Well amazing place, had a different picture in my mind to how it would look….

Myself & Stacey had a look around, before we started….it was a very windy evening, so we had to take that into consideration when investigated areas..

1st time in bunker: We went to the first bunker (one nearer toilet) We stayed in here for about an hour or more… We started by calling out, and we found that there was a young man with us… He generally stayed at the back of the bucket, but you could see movement & hear shuffling….I kept seeing little lights around that area, It was also very dark. I was near Cheryl, Stacey, Lisa Carla & Jack opposite us, Sam was to the side of us… The young chap was by Cheryl & Stacey & felt very cold near us, Cheryl asked if he could show everyone else the he was with us, so he moved towards Lisa & Carla…they felt cold, he went a little too close to Carla as she started to cough and make a gurgling sound, in the end she had to leave, she said she felt like she was drowning…. The chap seemed to go back to the end of the room again, seemed nervous that he hurt us…..

We stopped for a break….

2nd time in same bunker: Same group, but no Sam on this one. We decided to stay near entrance & form a circle & call out…. We notice the room get darker, and an older man was with us… we asked him to come and join us, it got very cold and it was like there was a cold breeze whipping around us from inside the circle, we heard movement at the back of the bunker, this was the young chap as before…. he seemed reluctant to come forward with the older gentleman there with us….. We heard taps & scraping noises….

Tower: We went to the top room if the tower, other people joined us….. I didn’t feeling anything, but there was too much chatter for me…..(I left to go on landing) Steve & Carla went on the landing, they heard lots of tapping for room where uniforms were…. We decided to sit near the stairs….myself, Carla & Stacey sat on landing….Lisa & Cheryl sat on stairs facing downstairs…. We heard tapping from uniform room where Steve was standing, Cheryl and Lisa then said something is moving down there, you could hear how uneasy the girls were, then ended up closing their eyes… We all looked downstairs there was an outline & it was very dark…. Steve decide to go down at the bottom…he started calling out….we all grouped on the stairs (the girls in the group) We started to go down, it was very dark….Steve disappeared, we called him, no answer…..we were at the bottom feeling uneasy, then Steve came out the first room that made us all scream…..

Once the nerves had settled, we re-grouped again to original team (no Sam) We went to the back room in the tower…. The room was very dark, but got darker….there was a presence in the corner of the room and moved around… When we called out, we had tapping in response…. Myself Lisa Carla & Cheryl stayed near door, while Stacey & Jack went to other end…. The man was standing near Lisa, but he moved around us….Lisa felt like something was pressing on her neck, Carla had her neck stroked… In the meantime Jack & Stacey were complaining of pain in their chest & side… Then the room seemed to change, it got lighter again….we said thank you….and left….

We stayed kitchen in once everyone had a break….. We all we heard noises in response to questions, but due to it being so windy, we were not sure…. We all did a group session in back room of tower, but it seemed very calm….others went to other places for a while…