St Neots Museum – 5th August 2017



St Neots Museum – 5th August 2017 – write up

The St Neots Museum is set in the centre of the town in the middle of several pubs and local clubs, we did have a local band playing at one of the pubs so our first job was to make sure we could separate the sounds of the band from any other potential noises we could come across during the night.

Once the equipment was set up the investigation began. We witnessed a few light anomaly’s in the upstairs area by the office whilst watching the CCTV monitors.

We decided to use one of the new software we were test and had a lot of words coming out that were not relevant to the investigation but we did have some names came out and we were able to get a partial link to names in the museum but nothing concrete.

Whilst in one of the cells we had a groan and herd talking out in the corridor. We also had some more words put forward about a baby and choking but were unable to find a link.

In the room with the human skeleton we decided to us another type of software that also produces words and use this at the same time as a team member used a pendulum to ask questions. On the software we had the name “Joshua”, we had no link to begin with but as the questions went on we found a clear link, using the pendulum we found out we were not talking to a man but we were talking to a boy, we found a link to Joshua with a person who died in the lake, we found out it was a boy who died in the lake and were given the name “Evan”, Joshua wanted justice for the boy who died and said that the boys grandfather hid him, we then got the word evil from the softwire. He then gave us the word “right”, so a member of the team looked right and saw that one of the exhibits was about a boy called Joshua who used to work in that road between the taverns as a pot boy.

While on a break we became aware that there was a flashing on one of the CCTV monitors, we realized that something had triggered the REM cube off, we went to investigate this but nothing else happened that night.