The Grand Pavilion, Matlock Bath – 26th March 2022

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The Grand Pavilion, Matlock Bath – 13th February 2022


The Grand Pavilion Matlock Bath was built in 1910. Throughout the 20th century, it was a thriving business. The wonderful Elizabethan structure entertained and sheltered up to 17 excursion trains full of tourists that visited Matlock Bath every day. The Matlock Bath Pavilion has been home to many music events. Most notably in 1980 when Elvis Costello performed there. The building was also used as a nightclub at one stage. Matlock Bath’s Grand Pavilion went through several uses such as theatre productions, tea dances, a cinematic film venue, before closing in 2008.

In 2010, Derbyshire Dales District Council started a consultation that looked at disposal of the building from their ownership. This action put the building’s future at risk, and in response to this threat a local community action group, the ‘Save the Pavilion Group’, was created to save the building. The feasibility study was accepted by Derbyshire Dales District Council in 2012. The study looked at how the building could be protected and safeguarded in the future by returning the building to its original use as a theatre, music and entertainment venue with a community function for the local population. With that, it was agreed that the Save the Pavilion Group would take on the lease of the building. In the same year, the Save the Pavilion Group was renamed The Grand Pavilion Ltd and was registered both as a Ltd company and a charity. The group had applied for £3m in lottery funding in 2013 to fund a complete restoration, however, they were unsuccessful.

In 2019, it was once again used as a nightclub with the main hall being used to hold a Rave put on by a local radio station and a 15k Soundsystem. Performers on the night included members of The Shining Path Collective alongside DJ’s Wrighty, MAKS, N2G and MC Natz. The Grand Pavilion is also home to the Peak District Lead Mining Museum.

Paranormal Reports

The Grand Pavilion is supposedly an active location and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to paranormal phenomenon. It is well known in the local area for its mysterious hauntings. Staff, past and present, tell tales of personal experiences themselves or their colleagues have had.

Children’s laughter and cries are heard on a regular basis, ringing throughout the building as they run through the corridors and main hall.

A claim of being watched by invisible eyes and the feeling of being strangled from a member of staff a few years ago, down in the cellars, sees that they intend to never go down there alone again. Others have also experienced pushing and shoving in the same location.

Strange mists allegedly appear right in front of your very eyes and disappears as quickly as it forms. Footsteps and running have also been reported with no one in the area of origin.

A smartly dressed pale lady is occasionally seen looking out of one of the top floor windows, as if looking for or waiting for someone.

The Stage is said to be home to a grumpy spirit and visitors often have their clothes tugged in one particular spot.  A death is known to have occurred when a lady fell down one of the stage exit stairs on the way to the Green Rooms below, Perhaps the lady mentioned above? The feeling of unease or being pushed is often reported in this area too.


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