The Spirit House – Evesham – 28th October 2017


The Spirit House Evesham Report – 28th October 2017


The spirit house is a very small venue consisting of three rooms, a cellar and a small cupboard leading to the nursery stairs, the spirit house itself is a shop that sells all thing spiritual and more. The original house has been split up into the spirit house section, the nail bar next door and there also two flats upstairs, its only recently that the owners have managed to buy back the nail bar meaning that they now own the whole house. As this property was once all one house it makes sense that all of the areas have reported strange actively that cannot be explained. The spirit house themselves supply many different types of investigation materials like Ouija broads and other materials for guests to use, although our team does not use Luisa boards.

Even before the investigation began a strange presence was felt in the cellar, the feelings of claustrophobia and spider weds across the face, which are a known phenomenon were felt across people’s faces right from the moment the cellar was entered and was felt by several people individually visiting the area during the night.

Main Room

The night started with the whole team around the large table in the main room, this table was very heavy and nearly unmovable and took several people to lift it. I feel it’s important to mention this now as the table becomes the main feature later in the night.

We began by calling out and using the spirit box whilst trying to build up the energy field in the room, this was taking a while when suddenly Lisa started laughing uncontrollably, anyone that knows Lisa will know that this is most unlike her and normally she is the most controlled one in the team, despite trying to pull herself together several times she became almost hysterical, this of course had an effect on the rest of the team who all started laughing as well. Lisa decided at this point is was best if she left the room and in the immediate moment that she did she stopped laughing, meanwhile Emma was still laughing and had to leave the room as well, she also stopped laughing when she left the room. When Emma returned to the room the calling out began again and Emma felt someone tickling her side, this went on for about 3 minutes even though there was no one there, at the same time, Vikki felt someone brush her breast with their hand. We also had the K2S in a pulse pattern but we later discovered this was because of the fire alarm sensor so was disproved. At this point the group decided to take a break.

After the break the groups then spilt up, the boys went up to the main room again and the girls went down to the cellar with the doctor’s bag that was found in the attic of the building, they believe this bag may have belonged to the doctor who had a surgery in the building many years before although they can’t confirm the bag was his it does seem to be an amazing coincidence. Emma decided to place the bag on the table in the room and asked Vikki to place her hand on it, no one in the cellar was aware of the significance of the bag or of the history of the doctor in the house. For a while everything was very quiet in the room and then Cheryl suddenly said “were there abortions performed in this room?”  As there was a rumour that the doctor that used to live at the spirit house did indeed perform illegal abortions there we felt this was significant. While we were in the cellar we could hear heavy furniture being moved around constantly while we were in the cellar, when we checked with the boys and they were all sitting still and apart from moving their chairs briefly as they sat down no furniture had been moved and the other rooms were empty so this remained unexplained. Whilst the girls were in the cellar both Lisa and Emma felt a cramping in their stomachs like labour or period pains, but as soon as they left the cellar these cramps stopped immediately.

Before we left the cellar, Lisa started laughing uncontrollably again and needed to leave the room, we also felt the cobweb sensation again even though there were clearly no cobwebs down there.

At this point we decided to take another break, on reflection this was a good idea as with the activity that followed we needed all the strength we had.

After the break we split into two teams again, the guys went down to the cellar and the girls into the main room, first we will look at the guys account form the cellar.

Craigs Group – by Craig Jones.

Myself and both Matts were down in the basement.

We have the spirit box going and at first we have a voice come through that sounded quite dark and sounded like it was all backwards and mixed words. We were sitting in a circle and I was sitting near the back wall with Matt P on my left and Matt V on my right. I went really cold and said I’ve gone really cold. Matt P was sitting with his eyes closed. He opened his eyes and saw a dark figure in the shape of a person right next to me which made him jump. He said it was only there for a split second but it was a shock as he was not expecting it. There was a few more voices that came through the spirit box which sounded like a woman but it was hard to hear what she was saying as it wasn’t very clear. Also it was speaking over me every time I spoke.

There was a mirror on my left hand side. Matt V then asked me to move back and forth as he could see a dark figure in the mirror and thought it may have been my shadow. I moved and it didn’t move, both Matts then moved to see if it was them, it wasn’t. He could clearly see a dark figure standing next to me, it was there for a couple of minutes. He turned his torch on to have a look and couldn’t see anything. He then turned the torch off and the figure had gone!

Then as I was sitting there facing toward the stairs in the corner of my eye I kept seeing what likes like a small figure moving by the bottom of the stairs. But as I looked full on I couldn’t see anything. It happened a couple of times and I thought it may just me my eyes playing tricks. Then it happened again and me and Matt P said at the same time that we see the figure just move across the bottom of the stairs and both said we have seen this a couple of times. So we were both seeing the same figure. It looked small like a child and looked like it was wearing white. A few more voices come through but was once again unclear on what it was saying. After this the voices stopped and the room just felt warmer and lighter like whatever was down there with us had gone and we returned to the shop for a break.

The Main Room.

At this point I will give you as close to the bare facts as possible, and let you use your imagination for the rest, anyone who is easily offended by even suggestion might want to stop reading here.

The girls began in the main room by trying out an automatic planchette writer, this was not a method we had used before and it took us a while to build up the energy to move it. The pen started to move very slowly in jerking movements, after awhile the pen attempted to draw a picture but the picture was unclear and we decided to move back to glasswork which we are more familiar with.

We did know that there is supposed to be a spirit who could be a bit naughty and likes to take a fancy to both men and women, we had also been told that in the past some women had removed their bras from under their jumpers and placed them on the table to encourage more activity, we weren’t sure any of us wanted to go that far but decided to use it as a temptation to build up the energy in the room.

While using the glass we were able to ask questions and gain responses, we asked if the spirit liked anyone in the room and the glass immediately moved toward Vikky, at this point we noticed that the R.E.M. pod was interacting with us at the same time as the glass and it was indicating in time with the glass, we reset the R.E.M. Pod in case it was an error but it continued to work with the glasswork. The R.E.M. Pod was using two flashes for yes, one for no. We then asked if the spirit wanted anyone to remove their bra, and again the glass moved towards Vikki, although she didn’t she then used this as temptation to get more interaction, all the time this was going on the banging and movement of the table became very insistent and this was also joined with a chair being banged continually.

At this point the investigation in the cellar became louder and there was a lot of shouting, we asked the spirit to make Matt P shut up, when we asked this the boys went silent and came upstairs, it may have been a coincidence but it did shock us none the less. Craig then walked into the room with us and immediately he did all of the activity stopped and we asked him to leave, when he did it all started again.

We then decided to try table tipping, with the offer of a bra the spirit began tipping the table and then we asked for the table to lift, at first it was hard to detect but it soon became obvious that one side of the table was lifting off the floor, and continued lifting until we asked it to stop, the table then dropped back to the floor, this occurred twice more when we asked and at one point it hovered two inches above the ground and then dropped back down. All the while this was happening the R.E.M. Pod was still going off in yes, no answers, the table was still being banged underneath  and the chair was being tapped. The table also moved round under our fingers we could feel it sliding under our hands, this was also done on command.

Vikki then decided to remove her bra from under her jumper and put it on the table. At this point the table began to rock steadily and continually, this continued to get faster and more aggressive until it suddenly shoved itself across the floor. The table then stopped still and then started again with the same end result. We then tapped out a tune on the table and we were rewarded with the correct continuation of the tune on the R.E.M. Pod and tapping on the table. We then heard the man in the flat upstairs get in his shower, we mentioned this out loud to make sure that the external noise was recorded and the table started rocking again ending with another shove across the floor. We then asked if the boys could join us and we received a positive response, so we invited them in.

When they came in the room they were then entertained twice by the same rocking and shoving of the table, they also were able to hear us getting responses to tapping out tunes on the table.

All the while this was going on we were constantly checking under the table and around the room to make sure that there was a reasonable explanation to the activity but we found nothing, we tried again to lift the table and move it but it was heavy and resistant to movement, we have no explanation, sadly we ran out of time at that point but will be booking a return soon.