Woolpack Pub – Stanground – 2nd May 2015


The Cambridge ghost hunters had a very interesting night last night at the Woolpack pub barn, we caught a few pictures of orbs and we believe that we caught a picture of a woman’s face looking through a window which we are going to examine a bit more. 

we had a few spikes on the K2 meters, and a few noises from the bottom end of the barn. A lot of the team experience a strong smell of a pipe smoke. some of the team members experience being touched and temperature drop. The team had a few various voices come through on the spirit box, one of which did not like our team member Craig, who turn nasty and started swearing. 

While doing the glass work the glass was spinning crazy and trying to come off the table and wouldn’t stop the glass from spinning. 

We had our new team member Phil Gates, who is a spirit medium, come along and pick up on a lot of spirits including the presents of a young boy called Steven, a gypsy woman with her cat, and a man sitting at the bar. 

Overall it was a very interesting night and the team would love to go back again!!!!

This picture was taken on Saturday night at the Woolpack pub barn in Peterborough, you will see some orbs by the door but if you look in the window of the door on the right it looks like a face of a woman, this is the picture then zoomed in pictures, what do you guys think