Landguard Fort – Felixstowe – 21st July 2018


Landguard Fort, Felixstowe 21st July 2018 – Investigation Write Up


We started the day in true Cambridge Ghost Hunter Style and had a paddle in the sea, the weather was beautiful and the sea warm enough to swim in, this was followed by a bag of chips on the beach, donuts and any other seaside delights we could grab.

We were very excited for this investigation and had many guests joining us, so we had a meeting on the beach (as you do) to discuss the night ahead and used maps to plan our starting points, not ever having so many guests before we wanted to make sure that everything went to plan and they had a good night, little did we know that the night would be full of surprises and through the night there would be many encounters that we are still trying to explain but there is one thing I do know, it’s a night we will never forget……

Because this was such a large venue and so many things happened during the night some of which the other teams missed out on, I have taken a step back from writing the whole report and have asked the team to write up their own reports as well, which I have collated into this one report you are about to read, so grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy..

Craig – Head Investigator

Before we started the investigation we did a tour with the public and as we were in the basement Keith (guest) saw a shadow move from one side of the basement to the other. We went down to see if it was a person but no one was there. We also heard footsteps walking down there which no one could explain as my team were all standing still and no one else was down there at the time as us.

At we first had the walk around with the tour guide showing us around the fort. As we got to the shower room as soon as the door was open I felt this pressure and my hairs on my arms stood up on end. I then said something is not right in here, something happened in here. The man giving the tour looked at me and said yes! Someone died in here by the shower but then he didn’t say anymore.

We started in a corridor under an archway where we had a REM cube and some cat ball sensors. We stood in a circle and was calling out questions and asking if someone would like to contact us. As we were standing in a circle we had a stone thrown behind us this was followed by the rem cube going off. Keith (guest) had his watch strap come loose by itself. After a while it felt that the energy changed and had moved away so we moved on.

We then moved into the room at the top of the fort with the bikes in. We were asking out, we had the ghost box going (no voices came through all night) we also had the k2 clown doll and cat ball sensors spread around. The temperature in the room dropped quite a bit. One of the cat balls lit up (these only light up if there is movement). Myself and Katie (guest) both felt a sharp pain in our forehead then Keith (guest) felt like he was being strangled and ended up coughing and struggling to breath. As we were knocking and asking for a response we had a few knocks back. We also hear a noise from outside but managed to debunk this by being seagulls.

After this we moved onto the glass work room. As we were trying glass work the glass went to move slightly then stopped. The glass did not move anymore throughout the night. We had a cat ball on a table which started going off. We asked if it could set off any more balls which it didn’t. We tried table tipping but no movements were felt.

We then went to the shower room. Myself and Matt stood in the shower cubicles and asked out. The feeling in the room was very strange and it felt like there was a person in the room who didn’t feel very nice. Keith (guest) felt that he seemed like a bit of a bully. As we were asking out we felt like something was behind us and I felt something touch my neck. We switched around and other people tried but didn’t feel much. Keith (guest) felt like something fell on his arm. We tried the ghost box but had no response.

After this we slightly switched around teams (kept the same team with extra guests and team members) and we went down to the basement. We tried the ghost box but again had no response. All the team and guests spread out throughout the basement and we asked out questions. The REM cube started going off so we all went back into the same room again. As we were all in the same room we heard footsteps then a door slam shut. We shouted out to see if any other team or guests had come down but got no response so asked if they could slam a door again. A door slammed again but very loudly causing a few people to jump. Myself and Keith (guest) went to have a look. As we were going through the basement we were trying the doors to make the same sound then we got to a certain door where there were 3 doors in a row and one was shut! (this was open ajar all night along with the other 2 doors next to it) there was no one else down in the basement at the time.

We then got everyone else to join us in the room where the door slammed shut. We stood in a circle with the REM cube in the middle and the cat balls. The REM cube started going off. We were asking if it could slam the door again. The REM cube started going off. One of the guests felt something pull her glasses from behind her another guest then felt like something was pushing her from behind.

We then tried the other side of the basement, a few guests left as they felt uncomfortable after what they just experienced. Nothing was picked up on the other side of the basement.

Matt and Liam then went down to the basement and stood in one of the corridors. Matt asked if someone could join them. The next minute they felt something come down the corridor and hit them with a big pressure. Matt and Liam left and come to find the rest of us and explained what happened.

We took a break and some guests left as they had a long way to travel and it was in the early hours of the morning t this point but a quite few stayed. All the team and guests decided to go back to the basement where Matt and Liam had just been. We all stood in 2 lines against a wall creating a walk way in the middle with myself and Matt at the end. We asked for it to come into the room and come down the corridor. Quickly myself and Matt realised that this isn’t a person and it’s not to be messed with.

It’s hard to explain what it was, but it wasn’t human form but wasn’t demonic but is probably the nearest thing to being something demonic. As it came down the corridor in the middle of the guests and the team, the team and guests felt this pressure and feeling of being touched as it passed. One person screamed as they looked up and saw something in her face passing her.

It then got to the bottom where Matt and myself were, there was a huge pressure like something was right in front of us pushing us back which was very strong. At this point Matt said everyone leave now! The guests and team left the basement quickly while it stayed at the bottom with me and Matt asking it to stay with us and leave them alone. Matt asked me to stay with him and then Matt said it needs pushing back.

He called for his spirit guides to help him push this thing back. It wouldn’t move as it was too strong, I then called for mine and asked to push it back. We were both shouting for this thing to back off away from us and slowly it started backing off with the help of the spirit guides.

The pressure and pushing stopped as it was moving away. We then left the basement with this thing following behind us. The second we left the basement you could feel a cold breeze coming from the door to the basement and I then got a massive pressure in my head followed by Matt getting the same massive pressure in his head.

I had never felt anything like this before and had to have tablets to make it go. We then explained to everyone what happened and why the reason we asked them to leave due to safety reasons.

Whatever it was down there is extremely strong and took the both of us to push this back.

By this point it was time to start packing up. It was an extremely interesting venue with a lot of activity and I am looking forward to going back next year! Once again thank you to all our amazing guests who joined in, got involve and joined us as part of the team for the night.

Emma – Lead Investigator

Before the investigation begun we took a tour of the fort while the sun was going down, during this tour one of the team members took some video footage in one of the tunnels after she felt like she was being watched, while reviewing it we saw a mist that was in front on the screen and it can been seen slowly disappearing, as it was a clear warm night we were able to dismiss many possibility’s leaving the mist unexplained. Also during the tour we visited the old fort bathrooms and one of the team members decided to lie in the bath all of a sudden he shot out and ran out of the room, he said that he felt like he was drowning and asked if anyone had drowned in there, I was later able to inform him that this was indeed correct that someone was supposed to have died there but it wasn’t sure if it was because of drowning or from some injury’s he had got beforehand.

Our team began in the 3 bathrooms that are known to have a lot of activity, we began with some calling out and the spirit box, but we didn’t get any responses from the spirit box but did feel some cold chills down our backs. During this part of the investigation one of the team members began to cough, she was unable to control it and eventually had to leave the room she said afterwards she felt like she was choking and was going to be sick, interestingly while she was outside she heard screams, which could not be explained coming from nearby, unbeknown to her she was sitting outside a sealed bastion that is known to have screams coming out of it, other than this it was fairly quiet so after investigating all three rooms we moved onto the tunnels. It should be mentioned that while in the bathrooms we decided to use a new srying mirror with very little success, we think this was due to the lighting, so I am going to research some different lighting and will experiment further another time.

In the tunnels we decide to try to use the more natural method of just calling out and sitting in a circle, we called out and felt various drafts and some of which we were able to explain other not so much, again very little happened at this point, so we decided to take a break and regroup.

Whilst everyone was taking a break some of us were sitting in the team room and could hear noises in the next room so we decided to turn off this lights and investigate, the noise seemed to be coming from the chairs like someone was sitting on them, we thought this might be the chairs settling so I decided to sit on one to see if it stopped but the noise continued, it was like someone was moving the chair, at one point I felt the chair move underneath me, I could also feel my back getting cold when I mentioned this, the team said that is was getting darker and darker behind me, we could also hear noises on the shelf like something was being moved, this continued for some time until the rest of the team and guests came in and it all seemed to stop suddenly and we couldn’t seems to get it started again so continued with our break.

After this I asked if we could move the teams around, I wasn’t feeling one hundred percent well which I felt It might be having a negative impact on concentration etc and because I wanted our guests to have a good night I thought it might be better if we all swapped round and I stepped back from being team leader, I can’t explain how I felt ill as I couldn’t put my finger on it but I didn’t like it and little did I know that things were about to change.

We started by joining one of the other teams in the large war room on the first floor they had, had some activity there earlier so we decided to join them. We all started by standing round the table we were tapping and trying to get responses, at one point we heard what sounded like a cannon going off and other noises on the other side of the wall like a door slamming, some of the team including myself went in to the small communications room. We decided to just call out, we asked for various tapping and one of the guest said her t-shirt was being tugged at, at this point I felt someone walk behind me, as there was a wall behind me this was not possible, we could also feel the temperature dropping and rising and cold spots around the room, the tugging of t-shirts and the cold feeling continued and we asked Matt to join us to see if he could sense anything, he said that we had been joined in the room by someone but they were staying at the edge and didn’t seem keen to join us, a this point I was suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling of wanting to be sick and had to leave the room, this passed as soon as I left the room with no explanation, I found out when I returned that Jonny our guest had also felt sick at the same time but had managed to recover.

We then took a break with the plan to return to the tunnels, whist in the tunnels we were hit by the cold spots again and at one point saw a shadow down the tunnel, there was a feeling that we were definitely not alone and there was an eerie feeling, again I started to feel ill and had to leave the group, once again when I got outside I was fine but I made the decision not to re-join the team again so as not to spoil their night. It should be noted that while I was in the fort I felt ill on and off through the last part of the night which began while we were in the telecommunications room and but as soon as we said the closing prayer and left the building I was fine, I am not saying it was paranormal, but it was definity very strange.

One other thing, on the way home shortly after we left the fort Craig’s radio randomly started paying in the car, now we could put this down to a malfunction but it started out very quietly and slowly turned itself up until I turned it off, it wasn’t the travel news either it was some very random music we had never heard before…perhaps the car has a wiring problems or the fort was saying goodbye, who knows???

Emily – Team Leader/Paranormal Investigator

Before the investigation started, myself and Carla had a look around, we were on first floor of the fort about 3-4 rooms along, we stood by an open door and we felt an icy breeze around our legs (temperature outside was warm with a warm breeze) we asked if anyone was with us, we then heard footsteps on the wooden flooring,  Carla then turned round quite quickly as she saw a shadow behind me (she thought it was mine, then realised it was taller) I then felt as something was pushing on my lower back we said thank you to who ever was with us, and that we would return later in the evening, as soon as I left room the pressure from my lower back went.

We showed the girls around the fort before we did a vigil, we decided to go back to area where myself and Carla were earlier in the day, Sam had set up her laser lights, we had a K2 also, we got comfortable and started to call out. The K2 started to light up in colours, so we asked if could go to red, this happened on a few occasions. I also got that pressure on my lower back again and an icy feeling on legs, I felt uncomfortable and left room for a few minutes and it passed.

Feed back whilst in room from girls from public, thought they saw a white mist around the K2 whilst it was very active, some also said their hands felt icy (these were sitting on floor close to K2).

We then moved to room across the hall where the mannequin was and telephones, there was also large table in middle of room, whist here the K2 only moved slightly, I started feeling icy cold again and the pressure returned to my lower back, I once again left room, then it passed again.

We carried on in here for a while, then the girls saw bright torch light through window and bottom of door (we put it down too someone with another group), then it happened again, Lisa went to take a look outside the room, no one was there, a couple of the girls said, they saw the light come in to corridor in room opposite we were in and heard footsteps, we finished here but realised the floor was concrete outside, but the footsteps sounded like they were on wooden flooring.

We went to big gun replica room….

We didn’t feel anything in here, but we heard noises around the open door at the back of the room, we also saw the large torch light shine through windows but there was no walk way there, and we looked around, but no one had a bright torch, all of us saw this.

Lisa felt like somebody was watching us from outside, but was reluctant to come join us in room

Things stayed quiet, so we decided to leave.

We then went to shower & bathroom area, we were disappointed that nothing happened…. (we all then re grouped)

Later on I was with Craig, Steve, Keith and Katie, also the girls we had in original group were desperate to go to basement so off we went, we all grouped in a dead-end room and not much happened, (all though myself and Keith thought Steve was leaning up against the wall) so when he stood up once torches were put on, we were very surprised, as he was actually sitting down so it couldn’t have been him, so myself & Keith looked at each other confused, as we both saw a dark male shape leaning with arms folded against the wall.

Craig decided we should split up in to other rooms so we all went off, Katie the brave one stayed on a lone vigil, she shouted that K2 was going off, so we all went back to her, after a little while we all heard a loud bang, Craig and Keith went to check it out, a large door had been slammed further down the corridor, so we all decided to go to this room, at first not much happened, so we all held hands in a circle and started to call out again the room got darker and colder quite quickly.

One of the girls said nervously something is touching my glasses that are on my ears, she could feel them moving another said something was pulling her backwards, the K2 box was going off also, Keith thought he saw a dark shape in the door way.

When packing up, myself, Cheryl & Lisa were in kitchen tidying up, Me and Cheryl came out of door, someone ran past us, really fast there were no footsteps sound though we then heard a door close somewhere, we thought it may have been Liam, but it wasn’t and there was no running sound…. Weird!!!!

During the day also, Carla and I were looking up at windows to the taller building behind the fort, we thought we saw a person looking out at us, it seemed to fade in and out, was there for about 3-4 mins then it seemed to of vanished.


Our group went into the tunnels first. Carla saw a shadowy figure along the tunnel, we moved along, and Jade and Lianne thought they saw someone peeping from behind one of the doors they investigated further while the rest of us moved along. Carla and myself could feel a presence between us and could make out a figure behind Lianne in the doorway.

After a break we went to the ops room and stood round the table. We called out and could hear footsteps behind Johnnie and Martin. I could make out a figure behind him. Carlas face started to feel really hot and Martin one of the guests felt a little sick both had to leave for 5 minutes. When they came back we started calling again and were not disappointed. There were responses to us asking for yes/no knocks then there were footsteps and sounds like paper being shuffled. We asked for a big knock and we got big knocking sounds between Carla and myself. Then something happened that quite unnerved Carla and myself. I can only describe it as something trying to push us apart it felt like a very firm hand pushing me on my thigh, pushing me to the right and at the same time Carla felt the same thing pushing her to the left. Before we even said anything we both moved sideways at the same time. I think whatever it was didn’t like us being together whether because our energy was stronger being together or whether it was mostly us talking to it I don’t know. But it felt very firm and had the desired effect because we had to have a break after that.


We had a white mist seen near the room with the laser grid. Then we went into the room right next to the break room and had a stone thrown and some footsteps. We then moved into the room with the mannequin looking over the room and heard this someone walking round and round the table but nobody was there, then we could hear clothes rustling and footsteps and we were asking questions and getting knocking back either one knock for yes and two for no.

When we were in the tunnels we were hearing sounds of movement and Leanne the guest stopped walking with the rest of the team and we looked behind us and saw a figure hiding behind a door and every time we asked a question. The spirit?? ducked back behind the door so we started walking for a bit to catch up to the others and we looked back again and saw the spirit peeping from behind a corner.

We then went back into the room with the mannequin and me and Matt saw a figure walking behind some of the team before leaving the room and heard a cannon go off.

Then we went into the room next to the one with the disturbing looking zombie figure and we were seeing a figure in the door way.

Later on we were then we were back in the break room and were having tapping on more than one chairs.


My evening at Landguard Fort was a very eventful evening, It started of just myself walking around the fort and my first experience was in the room were we set up chairs for everyone but it was before the chairs had been put up. I went into this room had a walk around and just before I left I was sort of pushed or nudged down the step and from that I twisted my neck so that was a good start to the evening

 I walked all around the fort and as I was walking I felt like I was being followed I could hear footsteps and I was on my own as everyone else was doing things elsewhere.

As we started our investigation we went into the shower room and I felt like there was something in the corner of this room     then when we went into the 2nd room which was the bathroom, we not in there for 5 mins and suddenly I didn’t feel right, my chest was tightening and I felt sick so I had to leave this room. I managed to leave before I was physically sick, Stacey came to see if I was ok and I think a couple of minutes after I/we heard a scream.

I then went back in the bathroom with Stacey were the others still were and again I wasn’t in there more than 5 mins and I kept coughing as if I was going to be sick so I had to leave and get a drink I didn’t go back after that.

 The next place was in the tunnels and I felt we were being followed and I let the others walk on a bit and took a video and there was a mist over my video and looked if there was something there.

All in all was a good night and would love to go again….

So this was captured by Keith Simpson one of our guests on Saturday night at Landguard fort.

My group were all down in the basement in one of the rooms and the rem cube was going off. We heard a door slam and I called out to see if anyone had come down from another group. No one answered so I asked if they could slam a door again. A door slammed very loud causing a few people to jump.

Myself and Keith one of our guests went to see where is was coming from. Along the corridor there were 3 doors open ajar and had been all night. One of the doors were shut and no one else had come down at the time. I then slammed the door to see if it made the same sound which it did so Keith went and got the rest of the group to join us.

We were all in the room where the door got slammed. I was in front of the door, Keith was behind me and the rest of the group was behind him. I was asking if they could slam the door again and was looking at the door with the ghost box going too (no voices come through).

Keith then took a photo which was a Live Photo on his iPhone. Live Photo’s record a quick 1.5 seconds long video. (I have converted this to video file to be able to post it).

You can see on the left I am standing there with the ghost box in my hand. But on the right you see what appears to be a a dark shadow of which looks like an arm and hand but loose limbed the opposite side of the door to me. This is not a shadow casting from a person as everyone else was behind us and not in front and there was no other lights on just the flash from the phone taking this live picture.

Also it can’t be an arm of another person as if you look on the left you see my arm and skin colour and this is a dark see through mist.

What are your thoughts??

Thank you to Keith for sending us the clip!